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Blocked Baths Ipswich

Is your bath blocked? Does the water in your bath refuse to drain? You could have a blocked pipe due due to the accumulation of soap or hairs. Hairs can accumulate just beneath the plug in the pipe and trap waste particles forming a blockage that stops water from draining fromt the bath, but whatever the reason, you probably need a qualified drainage engineer to resolve it.

Drain Maintain are a local, reliable drainage company with years of experience in emergency bath unblocking. Whenever you need a bath-tub unblocked in Ipswich, feel free to contact Drain Maintain, the leading name in drain blockage clearing in Ipswich.

Our team of experts is can handle any bath unblocking with using the most up-to-date technology. They’ll unblock your bath and leave the water flowing freely again.

On our Testimonials page you can see how satisfied our clients in Ipswich have been throughout the years. Tony Whale said that David John who was sent to unblock his bath by Drain Maintain, provided a very satisfactory service and he would recommend Drain Maintain in the future.

Drain Maintain offers a cost-effective bath unblocking service with friendly and reliable engineers.

Bath unblocking services in Ipswich include

  • Clearing blocked drains and baths.
  • Relining damaged drain and pipes.
  • Laying new drains.
  • Excavation of old drains.
  • Manual rodding.
  • De-scaling drains.
  • Repairing man-holes.
  • Emergency drainage – fast service 24/7

So, when your bath-tub won’t drain, instead of wasting time on trying to sort it out yourself, get a professional from Drain Maintain and get the water flowing again. We also provide a regular drain and pipe cleaning services so that you don’t get the problem recurring. Contact us on 01473 569 177 and arrange for one of our engineers to call on you.