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Blocked Baths Sudbury

Is your bath blocked? Finding it difficult to get the water to drain. The plug and waste pipes might be clogged with hair and soap, as these tend to accumulate at the opening of the bath pipe and gather waste particles to form a blockage that prevents the bath from draining.  Whatever  the reason, you should get a professional drainage engineer in to clear it, as using shop brought chemicals can damage your bath tub.

Drain Maintain are one of the best drainage service providers in Suffolk and Essex and have years of experience in unblocking baths. Whenever you need a bath-tub unblocked in Sudbury, feel free to contact Drain Maintain- the leading name in drain and bath blockage clearance service in Sudbury.

Our team of experts is specialized to handle cases of bath unblocking with their effective tools and appliances. They will detect and clean up all the unwanted materials present in the pipeline of the tub and ensure a smooth water-flow.

You can go through to our Testimonials page to see how satisfied our clients in Sudbury have been through the years. Tony Whale said “Drain Maintain sent David John to his home to clear a bath blockage and was most satisfied with the service”.  He said he would happily recommend Drain Maintain to others in the future.

Drain Maintain offers you the most cost-effective way of unblocking a bath. We provide you with the best quality service at the best rate possible. Apart from our expertise in the field of drainage solutions, we also offer a friendly, efficient service and we always leave your property as we found it.

Blocked Baths – Bath Unblocking Services Include

  • Cleaning blockd drains.
  • Relining drain and pipes.
  • Laying  drains.
  • Drain of excavation.
  • Manual Rodding.
  • De-scaling.
  • Repairing man-holes.
  • Emergency drainage issues.

So, when when the water won’t drain from your bath tub, instead of wasting time on finding solutions yourself, appoint a professional from Drain Maintain and get your bath draining properly.  We also provide a regular maintenance service on an annual basis and this ensures that you never have a bath drainage issue again.  Please feel free to contact us at 01787 699 166 for all your drainage requirements.