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Blocked Sinks Braintree

If you are get standing water i.e. water that won’t drain from your kitchen sink, then it probably means the pipes or possibly even the drain is blocked.

People often avoid doing anything about a blocked sink and try plungers, shop bought liquids to unblock the blockage etc.  You do have to be careful though as some of the sink unblocking agents you can buy, might damage your sink, especially a marble or stainless steel sink.  So if you’ve had a blocked sink on and off for a while, it might be time to call in an expert drainage engineer.  Drain Maintain are your local Essex based drainage engineers and we specialise in clearing blocked sinks and drains, so feel free to contact Drain Maintain– the leading name in blockage clearing services in Braintree.

Our team of engineers are polite, experienced and expert in handling blocked sinks using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment. So whether your kitchen sink is clogged with vegetable peel or food remnants,  we can unblock your sink and get the water flowing through the pipes properly again.  If there’s a problem in connecting pipes or the drains are blocked, we can deal with that to.

So,  if you’re having drainage problems in your sink, just give us a call and an engineer will be with you within 90 minutes to solve your problem and ensure smooth and fast flow through the sink.

Take a look at our Testimonials page to find out how satisfied our clients in Braintree have been throughout the years.

Drain Maintain offers you the most cost-effective way of unblocking your sink. We provide you the best quality service at the best price possible from a friendly, polite, qualified engineer.

So, when your kitchen sink is won’t drain, instead of wasting time on finding solutions yourself, appoint a professional from Drain Maintain and get your sink draining in minutes. Feel free to contact us at 01376 755 166 for a fast and competitive sink unblocking and drainage service.