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blocked Sinks Sudbury

If you notice that your kitchen sink doesn’t drain quickly or sometimes at all, then it’s quite likely that your sink is blocked up with food residue and other items that tend to go down the plug hole when you’re washing up and preparing food.

You’ll probably try shop bought remedies to put down the plug hole, but depending on what you’re kitchen sink is made of, these chemicals can damage your sink. They are particularly bad for stainless steel and marble. They’re also not very pleasant to use.

If sink blockages are a recurring problem, you really are advised to call in an expert and get it fixed for good.   Drain Maintain have years of experience in unblocking sinks and solving drainage issues.  So if you need a blocked sink unblocked in Sudbury, Suffolk,  then just contact Drain Maintain, the leading name in drainage services in Sudbury and throughout Suffolk.

Our team of engineers are qualified to handle clogged sinks and always have the correct tools on their vans. It doesn’t matter if your sink is blocked with vegetable peels or other food remnants, we can ensure that your sink is draining freely again in no time at all.

You may have a blockage between the kitchen drain and the pipe or it may just be a pipe blockage, whatever the issue we can handle all drainage problems relating to bathroom and kitchen sinks and drains so just give us a call and an engineer will be with you within 90 minutes to solve your problem and ensure smooth and fast water flow through the sink once more.

Take at look at our Testimonials to find out how satisfied our clients in Sudbury have been over the years.

Even if you are not having any urgent problem with your sink, we can help with maintenance of your drainage system through regular pipe and drain cleaning.

Drain Maintain offers you a cost-effective way of clearing sink blockages in Sudbury and Suffolk. We provide you with the best quality service at the best rate possible. We provide only qualified, courteous and tidy engineers who clean up after themselves and the answer to your drainage problems.

So, when your kitchen sink isn’t draining, instead of wasting time on DIY solutions, get a professional from Drain Maintain and get back to normal quickly.    Contact us on 01787 699 166.