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Drain Camera Inspections & Home Buyers Surveys

CCTV Drain Surveys Clacton: What goes on below the surface has a direct impact on the ability of your drains and gullies to handle the distribution of your waste, surface or rainwater. If there is a blockage or a problem with your drainage system, then you should have the issue dealt with immediately, and having a drain camera inspection is your best bet. If it is left, you could experience costly flooding to your property or drainage failure.

Drain Maintain, in order to perform CCTV Drainage Surveys in Clacton, uses state-of-the-art CCTV camera equipment for the best possible survey to be undertaken, which will allow us to identify the source of the problem.


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Benefits of a CCTV Drainage Survey in Clacton

  • Buyers are often left in the dark about the condition of the drainage system, because this is not usually carried out by a RICS surveyor as they don’t carried the equipment needed
  • Drainage Ownership for Homebuyers
  • Cracks and Fractures
  • Tree Root Ingress
  • Fat and limescale, which are possible causes for blockages
  • Displaced or broken joints
  • Hidden Inspection Chambers, which may be a cause for bad smells in the property.
  • Rodent infestation
  • Mis-connections, i.e. foul water being discharging into a surface water soakaway. This could be costly if the soakaway fouls as these are not designed to take this type of waste water.

Drain Maintain offers domestic as well as commercial CCTV Drain Surveys for your property in Clacton and the surroundings areas in Essex.