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Drain Relining Colchester Essex

Trenchless Pipe Replacement – Pipe Relining

In some situations, trenchless pipe replacement, commonly referred to as pipe relining, is the most efficient way to solve problems with sewerage pipes. Pipe relining involves using an epoxy relining substance, which creates a mold within a damaged pipe and avoids the need for digging up pipes around your home or business.

Drain Relining Colchester, Essex

Drain Relining Colchester, Essex

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Drain Pipe Relining Experts Colchester & Essex

When we reline your drain pipes Drain Maintain will create a new smooth skin that is almost like a new pipe within the existing one. Before carrying out the drain relining, we evaluate the best method of injecting the epoxy relining substance. We often find that some digging will be required, allowing easier access to the sewer line, which we would need to perform these repairs.

This trenchless pipe replacement method is especially effective for sewer pipes that have been damaged by roots, as it gives us the opportunity to o fill in cracks and holes in the pipes or even missing pipe.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement – No Dig Drain Repair

NO-DIG technology, also referred to as relining, is the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain. It involves installing a resin that bonds to the inside of the pipe. With pipe relining, Drain Maintain essentially creates a new smooth skin almost like a new pipe within the existing one.

Whilst it’s generally a good option, relining really comes into its own when there are problems found under buildings or driveways and where excavation would cause disruption. This no-dig pipe repair method makes it possible to perform these repairs without the need to excavate the area affected, occasionally requiring minimal digging in certain areas. This method allows you to save both time, money and disruption.