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Blocked Sinks Billericay

If you regularly end up with standing water in your kitchen sink it means that your sink is blocked up.

Most people try and deal with this themselves, some use the bath tub for washing up if they can’t shift the blockage in the kitchen sink, others buy shop bought drain unblockers, but these can damage your sink, depending on what’s in them.  It’s understandable that if it happens once, you’ll try and fix it yourself but if you get repeated incidents of blockages in your kitchen sink, where your water won’t drain at all,  it’s probably time to call in a drainage engineer.

Drain Maintain have been unblocking sinks and drains for years

Drain Maintain have been in the drain and sink blockage business for many years, so if you’ve got a blocked sink contact Drain Maintain – the leading name in blockage clearing for sinks in Billericay.

Our team of drainage engineers can are qualified and carry all the right tools to unblock your sink safely without damage to the sink itself.  The most common cause of blocked sinks in the kitchen is food waste and it’s easy enough to clear, getting your water flowing again and eradicating those horrible smells, but in some cases the cause might be a blockage in the drain.  We can also deal with this, so if you’re having sink problems or any drainage problems, just give us a call and an engineer can be with you in 90 minutes and get your sink unblocked and your drains clean and clear.

Take a look at our Testimonials page to see how satisfied our clients in Billericay have been over the years.

It’s not a bad idea to get a regular check on your sink from a drainage expert.  A regular clean and regular maintenance ensures that you’re never bothered by blockages in the future.

Drain Maintain offers a great service at the best rate possible so next time you get a blocked sink or drain in Billericay in Essex, contact us on 01277 545 188 and we can get to you quickly and sort out your blocked sink.