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High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Drain Clearance for domestic and commercial customers in Essex, Suffolk and London

At Drain Maintain, we offer a first-class drain pipe cleaning service for homes and workplaces using state-of-the-art jet and vacuum technology. The process of utilising water at high speeds is sometimes necessary for drain blockages arising from a build-up of debris, fats, grease and limescale.

The water jetting breaks down the blockage in your drain by softening or emulsifying the material in a bid to quickly restore water flow and maintain long-term hygiene of the property.

Rapid response for all high pressure drain jetting jobs

Our team of skilled drain engineers is located across the eastern region, which enables us to despatch an engineer to inspect your drain blockage within two hours of your call. We will carry out an initial assessment of your blockage whilst respecting your home and property, working cleaning and minimising disruption.

The team will have all the state-of-the-art drain jetting equipment they need to get on with clearing your blocked drain and returning your drainage system to good working order.

Why is drain jetting such an effective solution for blockages?

The problem with traditional tools such as drain rods is, although they are effective at breaking up blockages, they struggle to get around bends and deeper pipelines in the drainage system.

With high pressure water jetting, we can reach any blockage, wherever it is in the pipeline. The sheer force of our water pumps exerts greater power at longer distances, safely negotiating bends and clearing out blockages for good. Each jet we use has a lengthy extension attached that enables us to jet every corner and crevice of your drains with speed and accuracy.

Periodic water jetting of your property’s drainage system is necessary to keep your drains and pipework in the best possible condition throughout the year. Furthermore, water jetting gives you the assurance that they will be properly cleaned, significantly reducing the risk of blockages building up and causing problems in the future.

Typical obstructions drain jetting can clear

  • Grease
  • Limescale
  • Fats
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Tree roots
  • Tools

Clearing blocked drain soakaways

Our water jetting equipment is also effective in resolving blocked garden soakaways and septic tanks, which can fail due to poor care and maintenance. A soakaway allows natural rainwater to be collected from your building and dispersed into the soil in a suitable location, preventing the excess water from damaging the foundations of your property. As part of our drain clearance services we can ensure the guttering and entrance to your soakaway system is functioning properly.

Get your free drain jetting quote today

At Drain Maintain, we don’t believe in call-out charges just to inspect your drainage problems. Instead, we prefer to visit your property and provide a free, accurate quote for the works required. If your drain blockage is getting serious, call us today on 0333 700 1122 to get a free quotation from one of our highly-skilled drainage engineers.