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Blocked Toilets

Toilet Unblocking for homes and workplaces in Essex, Suffolk and London

There is nothing more frustrating than a blocked toilet that will only partly flush or, worse still, won’t flush at all. At Drain Maintain, we have the expertise and the manpower to quickly solve your bathroom drainage problems, clearing blockages and restoring your toilets to their usual working order.

A toilet blockage at your home or business can be equally disruptive, creating unwanted hygiene issues and inconveniencing those inside the property. Our team of highly-skilled drainage engineers will act quickly to minimise the time your toilet is out-of-action by locating the source of the blockage and clearing it using whatever means necessary.

Emergency call-outs available for blocked toilets

With knowledgeable drainage engineers available at any hour of the day or night, help is always at hand for blocked toilet emergencies. We always have professionals on-call throughout Essex, Suffolk and the London area ready to promptly visit your home or workplace to put a stop to blocked or overflowing toilets.

Please note that while we don’t charge our customers for call-outs ordinarily, there may be an additional charge applied for emergency call-outs to residential and commercial customers.

How we unblock your toilets

Although the Drain Maintain team are highly-skilled in providing a range of technical drainage solutions, we operate a ‘no job too small’ policy for our customers across Essex, Suffolk and the London area. We’ll do our best to find a speedy resolution to your toilet troubles, usually via the following method:

  1. We will arrive on-site and carry out an immediate assessment of the toilet and attempt to locate the toilet’s waste pipe.
  2. Once we’ve located the cause of the blockage, we will attempt to clear it using water jetting or an internal pipe cleaner, depending on the location of the blockage.
  3. After clearing the blockage, we will thoroughly test the toilet, often using tracing dye, to ensure the system is flowing well before disinfecting the area thoroughly.
  4. We will seek to provide professional advice to our customers on the best methods for keeping toilets and drainage systems free-flowing in the months and years to come.

What are the common causes of a blocked toilet?

  • Using toilets to dispose of cotton products that absorb liquid and can quickly build up in the pipes.
  • Kids throwing items too big for the toilet such as toys or food.
  • Nappies and baby wipes wrongly disposed of down a toilet can quickly clog your drainage system.
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Simply using too much toilet paper and attempting to flush it away all at once.

Get a free quote for your toilet unblocking today

At Drain Maintain, we don’t believe charging our customers for initial call-outs and inspections is fair. Instead, we prefer to visit your property and provide a free, accurate quote to resolve your blocked toilets. If your toilet is blocked or overflowing, we can ease your worries by calling us today on 0333 700 1122 with a free quotation from one of our highly-skilled drainage engineers.