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No-Dig Drain Repairs

No-Dig Trenchless Drain Repairs in Essex, Suffolk and London

At Drain Maintain, we provide a cost-effective drain relining solution that utilises trenchless technology, resulting in minimal surface and environmental disruption to your property. No-Dig technology means exactly that. Our highly-skilled team of drainage engineers no longer need to dig up the ground to repair your drain or sewer. Put simply, it’s the least intrusive pipe repair solution.

Instead, we can reline partially collapsed, worn out or damaged drains and sewer pipes with water-glass based polysilicate resin, providing renewed strength and flexibility to your drainage system without the need for excavation.

Permanent and watertight No-Dig drain relining

Trenchless technology was developed to create a quicker, more cost-effective way of repairing below-ground pipes. This solution creates a professional repair of damaged straight pipes and swept bands up to an angle of 90°.

Trenchless drain repairs can be carried out any time of the year, with resins created for specific summer and winter conditions at the time of installation. The No-Dig drain repairs can be carried out in damaged drains where water is still present, with the resin solution capable of curing and bonding to virtually any substrate in the presence of water.

What does the No-Dig drain repair process involve?

From the moment you speak with one of our experienced drainage engineers, we will work quickly to ascertain the cause of damage to your drain or sewer pipe. This is achieved by sending in a CCTV camera to determine whether drain pipe relining is a feasible solution. Once we have established that drain relining is the best option, we proceed in the following way:

  1. We will begin by using high pressure water jetting to remove any moderate blockages within the drain or sewer pipe. This is the foundation of any successful drain relining, ensuring the pipe has a good, clean surface for the resin to bond to.
  2. We will insert a deflated packer within the damaged section of the pipework, which is subsequently verified by our state-of-the-art CCTV drain camera equipment.
  3. Once we are happy that we have found the extent of the damage within the drain or sewer pipe, we will inflate the packer, forcing the drain relining to bond and secure itself to the inside of the pipe. This creates a permanent and watertight seal.
  4. The packer is then removed and we will send our CCTV drain cameras down again to ensure the newly repaired pipework is functioning as it should, without leaks.

Get your free No-Dig drain repair quote today

At Drain Maintain, we don’t believe in charging our customers for call-outs to inspect your drainage issues. Instead, we guarantee to inspect your property and provide a free, accurate quote for any drain relining works necessary. If you suspect a damaged drain or sewer pipe within your property’s drainage system, call us today on 0333 700 1122 for a free quotation.